Quality Engineer质量工程师

Key Responsibility主要职责:


Support and maintain an effective and efficient QMS in the company.

Job Description工作描述:

1)  建立适当的检验规范和标准,指导检验员实施检验计划;Construct suitable regulations and standards and coach inspector implement inspection plan;

2)  负责供应商审核,质量监督,新零件样品确认;Be in charge of supplier audit , quality monitor ,sample release procedure;

3)  针对产线和客诉,分析出根本原因,并制定整改措施,并验证其有效性,防止此类问题再次发生;According to the feedback from assembly line and customers, find out the root causes, define corrective actions and verify the validity of actions, to avoid such defects happen again;

4)  能够运用质量控制工具来分析质量水平,找出薄弱项并解决掉;Can use quality control tools to analyze quality level, find out weak points and settle them;

5)  能够协调各部门来进行质量提高和改善;Coordinate quality improvements among different departments;

6)  直接领导安排的其他工作。Other jobs assigned by direct manager.

Qualification and Specification要求:

1)  大专或以上学历,机械或者机械工程相关专业;Bachelor degree or above, majored in mechanical engineering and related;

2)  至少3年相关工作经验;At least 3 years working experience;

3)  熟悉ISO质量体系标准及其相关管理工具的应用;Familiarwith ISO quality system and the application of related quality management tools;

4)  了解各类零件质量特性;Be familiar with key quality features of metal, plastic, rubber and electric parts;

5)  熟悉机加工、冲压、压铸、焊接等工艺尤佳;Technical knowledge of metal pressing, machining, die-casting and welding is preferred;

6)  有良好的团队合作精神;Having quality concept and having team spirit;

7)  诚实、坦率,工作认真负责;Honest, open and very responsible for the job is needed;

8)  能够熟练运用质量管理工具进行数据对比、分析和整理;Be familiar with quality control tool to analyze the data;

9)  良好的英语能力。Good English skills.